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Netcape 6, both platforms

Author:Will Cate
Posted:4/5/2000; 10:28:17 AM
Topic:Netcape 6, both platforms
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I've installed Netscape 6 PR on both my Mac (b/w G3, 400 mHz) and the PC (Gateway, P-II, 300 mHz). Installation was perfect on the PC, and near-perfect on the Mac.

On the Mac, Netscape complained that there was a "conflict" with my NetCenter username "willcate" and required me to pick a new name. No option to cancel. The PC setup happily accepted my old name without complaining. I have no idea why this is; you'd think my username would be platform-independent.

Both platforms seem to work just fine, although the interface is a bit... unusual. It is quite fast, though, probably faster than MSIE and certainly faster than NS 4.whatever. Graphics-laden pages load very quickly.

As I'm typing this, I notice that if a word in the textarea field runs to the edge, and extra space appears at the beginning of the next line (small cosmetic problem).

So far, looks pretty damn good! Way to go, Netscape!

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