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Re: Finally I dont have to keep secrets...

Author:mike donellan
Posted:4/5/2000; 2:16:49 PM
Topic:Finally I dont have to keep secrets...
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WOW a free subhonker just sitting there! cool!

ok, maybe that's a good *direction* with all this noodling around with and such. or at least a completely different and new offering that would tie lots of neat things together.

  1. free and easy weblog / site-hosting
  2. coolness of pike/manila editing
  3. favorites being the kicker... i mean, who doesn't like that?
  4. all neatly organized especially for those using mozilla/n6 in a *userland* tab that sits in the sidebar
  5. oh yeah... a userland chrome!

of course, the same for non-mozilla users, but no sidebar [tho i'm sure microsoft will follow with an equivalent]

the more i think about it, the more the favorites thing is the key... whether sidebar or not. that kind of simplistic functionality is what people [like me anyway] have been thinking computers should do for us anyway!

i hate sifting thru literally hundreds of bookmarks to find the site i want to visit, only to realize it's the same damn page i saw a few days ago when i get there!

favorites rock

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