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Finally I dont have to keep secrets...

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:4/5/2000; 11:18:11 AM
Topic:Finally I dont have to keep secrets...
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I can finally tell folks what I do at netscape. I am one of the engineers who does the xml/js/xul for the instant messaging part of Netscape 6.

I'm more than happy to help out with getting a sidebar rss version for scripting news. You can put _any_ page in a sidebar, so if scripting news outputted a page which was narrow and tall - rss or not - it could live as a sidebar...

And in terms of having the install spew stuff all over your system... NS6 is a almost 100% completely re-written browser. Bloat is gone. If you did the install you would see something amazing - some few core objects, plus lots of .js and .xul files - which is how the browser shows its UI. You could create a completely Manila-centric viewer using just XUL and JS. Plus if folks already had NS6 (or Mozilla) all they would need to download from here would be those small text files.

Anyway - I'm just really happy that I can tell folks what I do for a living finally. ";->"

It's a big day here at Netscape...

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