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Re: NS 6 PR1 on Macintosh

Author:Kevin Drennan
Posted:4/6/2000; 11:08:04 AM
Topic:NS 6 PR1 on Macintosh
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I downloaded NS 6 PR 1 this morning and have been running it on my G4-400 as well. I've used Netscape as my primary browser from day one and am definitely excited and optimistic about 6.

Initial impressions:

Leaner package. Downloaded and installed quickly--very nice! Definitely faster at rendering pages although previewing a page from Frontier seems to be a bit slower than Communicator 4.7. Anybody else notice this?

On first use I had to change the character coding to get fonts to match the way they look in 4.7 but after some tinkering everything was fine.

I've got to say that I don't like the way the navigation buttons share the same tool bar with the URL. In 4.7 I hide everything but the URL window and use keyboard shortcuts, many of which don't seem to work yet on NS 6. In addition to separating it from the buttons, I'd like a wider URL window simply because many of my URLs (especially when I'm previewing a page) don't fit in that space.

Also, I'd love to be able to turn off "underline links." As far as I can tell there's no way to do that.


NS PR1 just crashed but didn't bring down the system. As a result of this I noticed that out of the box PR1 wants 12,000k (browser only) while Communicator 4.7 has been working fine with 8,192.

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