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XML (and XUL) Editor

Author:Sam Yates
Posted:4/6/2000; 11:06:28 AM
Topic:XML (and XUL) Editor
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Can anyone recommend a good (cheap or free) editor for XML documents. Ideally I'd like to find something that is able to validate a document against a DTD (or at least integrate well with an external validator). If this is too optimistic for the "cheap or free" category, how about something that at least helps with keeping tags balanced etc.

I've tried XML Notepad from Microsoft**, but unfortunately it breaks with XUL documents (which I really want to mess with) because of the chrome:// URLs. I know theres always Emacs, but I was hoping for something that would help me out a bit more. At the moment I don't think I can cost justify Frontier to my boss just for "playing around," so please don't suggest that as an option.

I realize this is not a forum dedicated to XML, but it sounds like there are a lot of people doing lots of exciting things with it. Someone must be editing documents at some point along the line.

** Okay, I poked around some menus and found out how to turn off some of the validating options when loading a document, but my question still stands because I'm not convinced XML Notepad is the best thing available.

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