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Internet Hurdles

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:4/7/2000; 9:44:27 AM
Topic:Internet Hurdles
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If the Internet doesn't work in Silicon Valley, what hope does it have for revolutionizing other economies?

Yesterday, I attended a Carlsbad Chamber meeting where three companies spoke about their reasons for locating in Carlsbad (North of San Diego). Each representative indicated that the location was perfect for all but one thing, no reliable high-speed Internet access (except T1's).

In the last four years I and a number of others tried to persuade the local government and service providers to bring high-speed access to this community. Now, the effects of management that had no vision and no leadership on this topic are impacting us negatively.

We need better ways to manage the required resource we expect to have available at our disposal. If the current leadership does not do their jobs, then we need people who can do the job.

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