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Compaq of ISP's - Digex

Author:Tim Storm
Posted:4/7/2000; 12:32:44 PM
Topic:Compaq of ISP's - Digex
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I found it really hard to justify the expense of getting a truly redundant (and high speed) internet connection into my facility.

The answer for me was with Digex.

Today is my one year anniversary with them. My total downtime including reboots for software installs is under 4 hours (2.5 of which came during a power company screw up during a scheduled outage).

I sleep well at night knowing that my box is running well, if there's a problem, the monitor catches it and unleashes a team of geeked out certified NT admins to fix the problem 24/7/365.

We're not talking about $19.95 a month web hosting here, but if the web is important to you, it is definately worth it.

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