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Re: In Re your current outages

Author:Wesley Wada
Posted:4/7/2000; 1:11:54 PM
Topic:In Re your current outages
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I only speak from experience and have no ulterior motives.

I have used Conxion since they were the major connection for Microsoft and Netscape download areas back in 1994. I've tried downloading and connecting to them from Olympia, Tacoma, Sacramento, San Francisco, Honolulu, and Los Angeles as I support my various clients and friends and try to upgrade their systems with software updates.

They have consistently been poor in performance and reliability throughout and anytime I can find a link that is via another site or provider, I choose that, even if it's International.

Since I get consistently poor results from various locations on the net, I came to the conclusion that Conxion is problematic, and it's not a general net congestion issue.

The sooner Dave moves away, the better... IMHO.

My consideration suggestions (after Dave does a through research of his particular location and service requirements) would include:
UUNET: cnet,, etc.
Above: macintouch

I don't ever recall those guys being out in recent memory...

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