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In Re your current outages

Author:Hal O'Brien
Posted:4/7/2000; 9:40:04 AM
Topic:In Re your current outages
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Well, point the first: I'm afraid, Dave, you're going to find out that the bad news is, this is as good as it gets. I hope I'm proved wrong, but the level of reliability you get from Conxion is so much better than anything I see either at home or through my employer that, really, I think while you may not be at five nines vis-a-vis reliability, you probably are at five nines compared to the rest of the industry.

Point the second... Well, maybe it's time we all start putting away those grand schemes that the desktop is somehow dead, and that the network will carry everything, eh? At least for the foreseeable future. Imagine the effect of these outages if all your company's documents and schedules were at one of the application server companies you've pointed out in the last few weeks.

-- Hal

PS: "five nines" means 99.999%, or about five minutes of downtime per year. By comparison, 97% is about 11 days of downtime per year.

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