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Re: scriptingNews outline for 4/10/2000

Author:Sam DeVore
Posted:4/10/2000; 12:00:07 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/10/2000
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As far as outages, if I were to host "Manila" sites here in Tucson, I would probably go wireless. Gain Communications here offers wireless at up to 1.5 megabits WOW. I have talked to some people and they love it, goes right around telcom mess, which here in Tucson is in the hands of US West, not the most friendly of telcoms....

Wireless Internet access is exactly what it sounds like. Getting your connection to the Internet, without the use of phone or cable lines. Gain's wireless service uses new technology to provide connection speeds up to 1.5 Megabits per second. That's just as fast as a standard T-1 line, up to 50 times faster then your 28.8 Kbps modem!

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