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Author:eric ross
Posted:4/11/2000; 2:49:27 PM
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I note some confusion about trees and property.

Property is about the relationship between people.

'Trees being owned' is about a relationship between people.

If I have a piece of paper which says that I own the farthest star in the known universe, and somebody accepts the legitimacy of that certificate, then the fact that I may have no physical relationship with that star has no bearing upon my ownership of it in the eyes of those who respect that ownership.

Ownership often seems unfair or ridiculous.

But to be deprived of ownership can be unfair or ridiculous too.

If nobody owns anything, you abducting my child is perfectly reasonable, because the word 'my' has become meaningless.

Use my body as you will, it is no longer mine.

Want to make a rule which prevents someone illegitimately claiming that they own something, in this brave new post-ownership world?

How can you, you cannot do so without jurisdiction, which, if you wished to define it, ultimately implies that you (autocratically or democratically) own the sovereign right to rule over the actions of others.

You may be surprised to learn how the illogic which ownership often presents us with, is not replaced with logic when ownership is condemned.

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