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Re: Why you don't want Gnutella (at least not yet)

Author:William Crim
Posted:4/12/2000; 11:22:28 AM
Topic:Why you don't want Gnutella (at least not yet)
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I agree, and because it spans port numbers, it will be difficult for admins to track. All they will see is shit spewed on their network, wiht no apparent purpose.

Since AOL has told the Gnutella programmers to stop working on it, the main clients out there are the clone clients. However they are cloning the INCOMPLETE spec(ie the programmers for Gnutella had not resolved many of hte issues with it).

So now we have shitty programmers implimenting a incomplete spec of a shitty and unmanageable protocol, all the while saying it isn't a tool for piracy while they are downloading mp3, porn, and DVDs. Makes me proud to share the network with them. :-P

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