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Re: Mozilla is not a browser

Author:mike donellan
Posted:4/12/2000; 1:31:19 PM
Topic:Mozilla is not a browser
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you know, all the commentary being posted here is true.

mozilla may not have all the speed of msie, but XUL is cool. gecko in itself is a tremendous achievement - as much as the linux kernel is. yet X [in my mind] on top of the linux kernel is analogous to any XUL implementation on top of gecko: flexibility vs native speed. it's the old "assembly code vs c++" or whatever.

nobody wins in the mozilla vs msie battle if the end result is either flexibility or speed being sacrificed. same with linux vs windows. some of us want flexibility... some want sheer speed... and some want the golden ring of both.

i keep trying to remind myself that mozilla isn't a *finished product*, by any means, and perhaps never will be. from my experience as a software user, every update and revision that software programmers make in hopes of improving and fine-tuning their creation is more or less just a quantized rendering of a continuous change.

and it's not just any individual software project that is changing, but programming and programmers as a whole. that's what makes me excited about XUL and mozilla -- even though as a web designer i love mozilla's compliance to w3c standards. but it's a new way of thinking about the way software and the internet should/could work.

the creative process is not always welcome where it destroys tradition -- but i say good, great! bring it on!

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