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Re: Mozilla is not a browser

Author:david boswell
Posted:4/13/2000; 8:35:11 AM
Topic:Mozilla is not a browser
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i absolutely agree that it would be detrimental to over-hype mozilla's abilities. i also think that as mozilla/netscape 6 becomes more widely used that there is room for other perspectives on what mozilla means to different people.

cameron and i are web designers, and i think as web designers and as some of the first people to take advantage of what XUL and mozilla have to offer that we have our own perspective to offer. i don't really know much about programming and comments about COM and RPC don't make much sense to me, and they certainly wouldn't make much sense to the audience who is just now being exposed to mozilla and netscape 6.

our perspective is targeting a different audience than the core mozilla developers. when we talk about an application virtual machine, we are talking about the ability that mozilla gives to a web designer to create cross-platform web-based applications. the connections to java are only in terms of general semantics and are certainly not meant to reference any strictly technical architecture issues. on this level the similarities are there -- mozilla allows you to write an application once and have it run on any platform with a mozilla port.

the script editor ( is a good example of this. it is a homesite/bbedit-like html and javascript editor. if you are using mozilla, you click on a link and a new browser window opens up that is the script editor application that runs on windows the same way it runs on mac. as a web designer, this is what seems so amazing and powerful to me.

david boswell

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