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Re: Deepleap

Author:Ned T. Baugh
Posted:4/15/2000; 1:26:18 PM
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This is just what I was looking for yesterday, when I first saw that the DeepLeap mystery was over. I read the description on the site, and signed up, but so far I hadn't seen it as anything more than a combo of clip2 and Netscape's "what's related". I'm still not sure whether there's anything I can use here, but this overview gives me some ideas to try.

Some issues I see right off the bat:

*This sort of service seems to be "editor-intensive", that is, I can't see how this can be automated or scripted. It seems like the links will all require a lot of human involvement on the DeepLeap side, and therefore runs the risk of falling out of date over time.

*Part of the value of this is that it is accessable from any browser. Part of the hassle is that if I'm on a different browser, my password won't be cached, and I'll have to log into the service. Not specific to this app, more of a web app issue in general.

*I'm very uncomfortable with the privacy issue. As far as I can tell, info about the pages I "deepleap" is saved in a database, so that info about my (for example) movie interests can be cross-referenced against my zip code, my reading habits, &etc.

I'm curious to give it a shot. Good luck!

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