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Posted:4/16/2000; 11:42:22 AM
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Let me try to address some of the issues that you brought up. First, while we do offer bookmarking capability this is not our primary service. Try launching Deepleap on a product page at Amazon or CDnow, you will be presented with a list of commerce related options: comparison shop for this item, add to your Deepleap wishlist, find this product on auction, &c. A lot of what we're doing is based on creating database matches-- recognizing a string as a book, or company name, or movie, &c-- but not so much on hand coded links. We're not making direct links so much as associating categories of information with categories of services. For other non-bookmark examples of what Deepleap does try launching it with a word or phrase selected in the browser; it will offer you a completely different feature set.

As for privacy, let me start by saying that Deepleap will not be selling your demographic info or your email address. Currently we give you the option of storing such demographic info as your ZIP code because that will make the service better for you... When you check movie times the zip code is already there. While we do not currently track your use of Deepleap and then make recommendations or anything of the like, we may do this in the future but it will be opt-in only. This means that unless you specifically say "yes, I would like Deepleap to show me other sites I might be interested in" we will not be tracking your individual usage habits. Our backend has been built with future preference settings in mind so, as we expand our offerings, users will be able to turn on or off features at will.

In the near future we will be offering users XML feeds of their stored information, this will also include all user-data we keep.

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