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Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:4/20/2000; 9:00:25 AM
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I think channel management is a big issue. I like your idea of checking channels I want instead of dont want. But also what about getting more than one page for I could then have a page for my entertainment channels, my news channels, etc. Then like I might SHARE those "views" of channels. Multiple folks could be in charge of managing this "view" of a set of channels, so that new channels which were pertinent could be added, and old ones removed. Plus if I wanted to "merge" a view with another, I could do that so they interleave -- say my sci-fi view and Bill's science view. Then, Phil, who runs an ETP site starts a channel, and I add that in to the merged view.

This thing is a large, untapped, powerful entity.

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