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Author:Andrew Z
Posted:4/20/2000; 7:28:14 AM
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I've gone away from using this because its become unwieldy.

The more channels that are created the more times I have to go and change my preferences. The last time I was there somebody created nearly two dozen channels related to retirement financials and yet only one or two had any content. I had to go in and remove all of them.

Given the large amount of current channels, I'd prefer to *add* new channels, not *remove* them from my list of preferences. So how does a user become aware of new channels?

Maybe a link on the page that says "new channels have been added" that leads to a page with the new ones that I can then choose or ignore. Mayeb something else.

Then again maybe it's because the channels I use seem to repeat the same content (a complaint common to Mac web sites). :)

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