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Author:DJ Adams
Posted:4/20/2000; 1:46:11 PM
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This is all making me pleasantly dizzy. To throw a little code into the ring, here's a little bit of XUL/Perl/RDF/RSS that came about from me trying to learn about XUL and RDF and alternative ways of representing data on the client, and you might want to add this into the melting pot of ideas.

It's basically some XUL that points to an RDF datasource that really is a Perl program that retrieves an RSS file and spits it out as RDF that the XUL can use. This XUL is sidebar-ready, so there you have RSS info nicely displayed in your Mozilla sidebar.

This is something I hacked together today, and in doing it I thought it might be possible to build a simple-ish generic RSS-to-RDF 'gateway' for Mozilla, for a lot of info available in RSS format.

It's at

(and for Perl people it might actually be useful - get the latest CPAN upload info in your Mozilla sidebar - wheee!).

cheers DJ Adams

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