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Re: ISPs of convenience

Author:Nick Sweeney
Posted:4/23/2000; 1:08:12 PM
Topic:ISPs of convenience
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This isn't about pointing up flaws, Dave. It's a high-octane brainstorm where we're all learning on our feet.


Who decides "All The News That's Fit To Print"? It's so often the lawyers, not the editors who judge "fitness".

Though I don't like linking to them here:

(check, especially, the statement on the latter page.)

If Amazon won't supply this sort of content to the UK, for fear of being caught up in a libel action, then I don't hold out much hope for any ISP being able to supply contentious online content here, since it's much clearer in UK law that as an ISP you're the "publisher" of that material.

An ISP without an interest in the content it hosts might receive all the custom in the world, but chances are it'll be stopped at the borders, blocked at the routers, when there's a risk of incriminating local providers. I used to believe this wouldn't be the case, but my mind was changed recently by a week of thrashing out hosting contracts with lawyers.

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