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Re: Email to Brian Behlendorf

Author:Tim O'Reilly
Posted:4/24/2000; 7:23:15 AM
Topic:Email to Brian Behlendorf
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I'm not sure why I've suddenly turned into a target for you.

If you'd ever read what I've actually read or written, you'd know that I have always defended the right of developers to release software under any license that works for them. I've helped to bring attention to the enormous successes of open source projects like perl, apache, sendmail, and so on, but I have never said that's the only way to go.

Whether proprietary or open source, software has to succeed or fail in the marketplace. Sometimes open source is the only way to go. Other times, proprietary may work. You decide if what you're doing is working or not.

This is ultimately not a question of rhetoric.

As to whether or not my reasons were selfish or not...I certainly won't deny that O'Reilly has "done well by doing good", but that was not the intent.

See the article that should be going up on some time today or tomorrow called "Beyond the Book", which summarizes my talk at the recent Waterside Publishing Conference.

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