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Email to Brian Behlendorf

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/22/2000; 7:48:28 AM
Topic:Email to Brian Behlendorf
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I sent this email to Brian Behlendorf this morning.

Brian, some of the ideas from our meeting in Phoenix are beginning to develop.$16538

As a member of the "closed" software world (as painted by Raymond and O'Reilly) who ships lots of source code and has made contributions to the open source world I would like to co-author with you a statement of friendship.

I'd like to say that we can work with various different copyright and trademark systems, that each approach has its place, and that our common bond is love for computers and people who use them. And love for our own creativity, and wishes to see it thrive and be built upon by others.

I think we took a wrong turn a couple of years back, all of a sudden every hard-working software guy is on the defensive, unless he's one of the O'Reilly-annointed gods of open source. Raymond's writing put us there. O'Reilly monetized it. It's irresponsible and hurtful and it stops progress. I know because I've experienced this first-hand.

Let's do something positive and show that there is no barrier to friendship across OSes, languages and economic systems.

A simple statement is all that's needed. Basically, "I like software of all kinds, colors, creeds and persuasions."

Thanks for considering this idea.

Dave Winer

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