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Re: Search Engine XML-RPC Interface

Author:Jim Stegman
Posted:5/24/2000; 10:11:41 AM
Topic:Search Engine XML-RPC Interface
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Ugh! Suddenly my interest dropped!

The reason is that each Managing Editor will want their own look & feel for the results page, rather than a generic one that I cooked up. They'll want their logo, their links, etc. It would be great if they had a "search results" template that they could play around with.

Is it that big of a performance hit if I would just return an html table containing the results? I could store the Managing Editor's table template, & just plug the stuff in. Plus I'd maybe return some other info, like how many "hits" were ultimately found. (I'll limit the table to X lines, initially offset by 0)

Or is it possible that Manila could send me the entire template, minus the results, and I'll fill it out & serve it myself?

I realize that this isn't the way people like Yahoo! would want it to work. After all, they want a chance to display their banners. But this could be a secondary method for folks (Manila ISPs) who want to "roll-their-own" search engine.

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