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Re: scriptingNews outline for 5/31/2000

Author:David Rothgery
Posted:5/31/2000; 9:23:40 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 5/31/2000
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I believe that among a group of about 25 people we have in our heads a fairly clear vision for what the next layer on the Web will look like. We're lucky that Microsoft left a gap of 22 days for us to play with.

BTW there's probably a flaw to Microsoft's NGWS strategy, it revolves around the W in NGWS. According to Microsoft the W stands for "Windows". According to Rohit (and I agree) the W must stand for Web.

Well, yeah. Microsoft is a corporation interested in making money (I sometimes wonder about Sun and Oracle, though they manage...). They're going to see their own products as the center of any strategy. I imagine Microsoft looks at the web, and sees something like this...

Obviously, Microsoft's not going to build tools for developing Unix software, which leaves them with a chicken and egg problem. I expect NGWS is really pretty much a strategy for solving that problem, something like...

As far as Microsoft is considerned, Windows (and more specificly Windows 2000 Server) is at the center of this. That's the main thing that they're selling (well, and Studio 7 and SQL Server). As far as the rest of the Web is concerned, SOAP is the center.

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