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Re: scriptingNews outline for 6/3/2000

Author:Andrew Duncan
Posted:6/3/2000; 8:48:10 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 6/3/2000
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The key thing, I think, is creating an "expectation of change".

If this is the user's first visit, and the site is interesting to her, it is likely that she will bookmark it and visit again later.

On the second visit, if the page has _not_ changed, she may still visit again, but repeat visits become less likely the longer that page remains the same.

OTOH, if, on the second visit, the page _has_ changed, the likelihood of a third visit increases.

If the user has made three visits and the page has changed each time, I would say you have created an expectation of change for that user.

As the editor of the site, I would want to know, of the users who have visited more than twice, what the average period between visits is. Then I'd make sure the page got updated approximately that often.

But then, compared to Dave, Jakob and Joel, what would I know?

Your humble contributor, who tries to keep a smile on his dial, Andrew Duncan :o)

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