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Re: Dave's Gustatory Tour of New York
Posted:6/11/2000; 10:01:45 AM
Topic:Sign me up for dinner in ....
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Sammy's is awesome, though a bit expensive.The one time I went was for a birthday party. A three-hour meal with drinks ended up costing a party of 13 about $90 a person [Ouch!]

Sammy's is one of those places that can create remarkable memories, but only at a cost. If you don't worry about money, then Sammy's is the place to be for any group outing. It's an amazing place. Singing waiters. A very drunk owner. Even more drunk party guests from other tables. I know of sales people who spend thousands of dollars at Sammy's to show their clients an amazing time, if only to get them to sign a million-dollar [or whatever] deal the next morning.

In short, Sammy's is intoxicating.

Oh yeah, and big big big big steaks on very hot plates.

New York City Department of Health Restaurant Inspection: Sammy's

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