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Seattle Scripting News Dinner Pictures

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/14/2000; 9:36:31 PM
Topic:Seattle Scripting News Dinner Pictures
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Here are all the pictures I have from last night's dinner. Each picture has a number. If you see yourself in one of these pictures, post a response and I'll fill in the names. I had a great time last night. We have to do it again soon!

  1. David Stutz

  2. Andrew Clinick, Bob Atkinson

  3. David Brown (Mr. ZopeFish), Fred Taub

  4. Dave Luebbert (fuzzy) and David Bakin (partial)

  5. Fred Taub, David Stutz

  6. Stephen Rude

  7. Jeff Barr

  8. ??? facing camera, Scott Sweeney's back-of-the-head cowlick

  9. Mira

  10. Mira

  11. Mira

  12. Mira

  13. Sheila Simmons

  14. Aly Valli

  15. Chris Connelly

  16. Eric Soroos

  17. Brent Simmons, Dave Winer

  18. Brent Simmons, Dave Winer

  19. Sheila Simmons

  20. Andrew Clinick, Bob Atkinson

  21. Andrew Clinick, Bob Atkinson

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