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Author:Wesley Felter
Posted:6/18/2000; 5:25:05 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 6/18/2000
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I've always wanted browsers to support a custom anchor tag. Right now, to point to a specific paragraph, there needs to be an anchor already placed there by the author. I'd prefer to just select a paragraph in a page, and create a hyperlink that has that quote embedded in it after the hash. Then when you click on the link, the browser loads the page, searches for the text in the link, and jumps to the first place on the page that contains it. Then I could point to anywhere without having to rely on anchors already being there.

Ka-Ping Yee implemented this feature in CritLink a while ago; too bad it never caught on in browsers. (Wait, what am I saying? Browsers haven't added new navigation features since Mosaic.)

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