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Re: vision: purposeful online community for all human beings...

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/9/2000; 11:20:38 AM
Topic:vision: purposeful online community for all human beings...
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I think I can distill Kishore's pointer to a concise example.

Even if you didn't read Jeru's piece on relationships, you learned something important about me when you learned that I have a teacher.

Having his writing to point to opened a door for me. I could then point to music to show the interested reader how pervasive the voice of the helpless child is in our culture. How much of what we do is unconscious, pre-programmed, unadult, powerless.

Without being able to refer to the teacher, I couldn't have done that so easily.

As a reader I want to know who teaches you. I'm with Kishore, the more I know about the writer, the more the writing means to me.

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