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vision: purposeful online community for all human beings...

Author:Kishore Balakrishnan
Posted:7/9/2000; 6:58:36 AM
Topic:vision: purposeful online community for all human beings...
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dear all

my first post... thanks in advance for reading... the following is my vision... something similar to this already exists in the form of , etc but not exactly - please advise

Background - A vision has hit me.

I have learnt a lot about the web ( esp. life,living, etc ) in the last 3 years from:

to mention the top three of my mind this moment. And I think that most of everything else worthwhile I already know ( need to know ) in this lifetime is linked from these sites :-)

Joel states I suspect that if you read all the books that I've read, you will come not only to understand me, but you'll start to think like me, too.

How true! I am trying to think like Phil, Jakob, Dave and others who inspire me with their contributions on the web.....

Vision / Idea I have been looking at,, , , too... Why are they successful ??? Why does everyone like these sites more than others ??? It is probably ONLY because of the brilliant minds of the people who manage these sites... and the features available

Please see Building an Online Purposeful Community

My vision is to learn from and contribute to an online community that allows ALL human beings to participate ( something similar to but the key object is people )

Fundamental point : Please see (The 100 sites most-linked-to by the Weblogs)

I am thinking of a similar "hotpeople" list or a ( along the lines of )

Key Features


I have been thinking about this idea for some time now... and it is better now than later...

Do you like these ideas ?

It would be great if someone ( or many ) can help me realise this vision

Once again, Thanks for reading, Kishore.

ps: I maintain a "hotpeople" list at - I am just trying to think of the best way to maintain all our lists

"let's make things better"

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