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Re: scriptingNews outline for 7/21/2000

Author:Jake Savin
Posted:7/21/2000; 6:27:49 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/21/2000
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I just was interviewed by Wired magazine, they're doing a story on Philippe Kahn. I explained to the reporter what Turbo Pascal and Sidekick were. At one point I said, with a avuncular chuckle, "I feel as if you should be sitting on my knee as I tell the story." We both had a good laugh.

I remember Sidekick. I first saw it on my dad's PC. If I remember correctly, I wrote a program in BASICA in my dad's IBM PC that summer, that edited music, which you could export to a stand-alone player. The player was really just a basic program that the editing program spits out with the right code to play your music. Funny -- I think I was about 14 or 15.

I actually did some work with Turbo Pascal while I was in Europe about 6 years ago. I had this ancient Zenith portable computer (monochrome 648x480 display). It was a hand-me-down. I bought a used copy of Turbo Pascal at a little computer shop for about $10, and wrote a library for doing vector graphics...

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