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Zappa and Music on Demand

Posted:7/31/2000; 5:08:20 PM
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I thought this was appropriate, since Zappa, if he were alive, would probably be one of the biggest boosters of music on PCs. I don't know that for sure, obviously, just a guess.

I don't remember exactly, but in his book (The Real Frank Zappa Book) he describes his vision of a music on demand system. Unfortunately, I cannot find any links. I don't own that book and I read it 8 or 9 years ago.

As far as I remember, he wanted to use some sort of micropayment and he wanted to (or he did) file a patent on this idea. But I am not sure at all. So don't quote me on that. He also made great comments on how the music industry works.

Maybe I should read it again

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