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Re: MP3 Quality... much better then I thought!

Author:Samuel Reynolds
Posted:8/1/2000; 3:47:04 PM
Topic:MP3 Quality... much better then I thought!
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The worst case scenario in ripping is if you are required to listen to the CD as it's being ripped; then the ripper is actually recording audio off of the soundcard input! (At least make sure to shut off all other recording inputs, particularly the microphone.) This adds a mostly unnecessary analog step to the ripping process... "mostly" because it's the only option for some old or broken drives.

Probably true, if you are required to listen as you rip. However, many (most?) CD rippers will give you the option of listening as you rip. N2MP3, for example, has a checkbox in the progress window, so you can turn the sound on or off as you go. If you choose to listen, it rips at only 1x, instead of about 2-2.5x (on a 20x CD), but even then it's ripping from the digital stream.

- Sam

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