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Re: ISP Service Agreements

Author:Jim Stegman
Posted:8/3/2000; 8:38:09 AM
Topic:ISP Service Agreements
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So basically what you're saying is that you're in a business with hair-thin margins and if even a few of your users misbehave then it becomes totally unprofitable.

I was simply replying to Dave's comment:

"the service agreements of home connectivity providers are as busted as the distribution system of the music companies. Users are prohibited from running servers in their homes."

I don't think our SAs are "busted".

My main point is that if you change what kind of service you expect to get, you should also expect to pay for it.

I provide basic $20/mo. service for users. Users, on the average, are online about 10% of the time. My margins are fine. However if I'm going to provide service for a server, this is a completely different beast! Servers don't sleep, eat, leave the house, etc. like people do. If they are connected 24/7, (dialup) then I've got a $40 direct cost, and plenty of indirect ones as well. The margins aren't just thin, they're non-existant!

I'd be happy to rewrite my service agreement for anyone willing to pay for the service that they will receive.

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