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Re: Next survey: Are you and open source developer?

Author:Nick Sweeney
Posted:8/23/2000; 9:56:23 AM
Topic:Next survey: Are you an open source developer?
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In which case, you define open source almost as "software scholarship". When writing my doctoral thesis, I survey original works, and 250 years of additional scholarship, giving credit where due and pointing out bugs where I feel that others have erred. (The comment line and the academic footnote are intellectual cousins.)

Which makes sense: one of the guiding principles of open-source development, it seems, is an attentiveness to the choices made over several generations of computing history. Hence the GNU manifesto; hence ESR's maintenance of the Jargon File; hence Slashdot's frequent pieces on the evolution of UNIX and its variants, and Andrew Leonard's finely-researched Free Software Project.

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