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Re: Open Office

Author:Josh Lucas
Posted:8/23/2000; 1:56:16 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 8/23/2000
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A perfect example of how a gatekeeper takes advantage of open source. Is it open source if it's so heavily politicized or has it become something else? What if you believe in love not war? Can you be an open source developer without endorsing the death penalty for Microsoft? Why do so many agendas have to be attached to acts of simple generosity? Is it OK if your software is used in acts of war?

Dave -

Can you explain to me how Sun is taking advantage of 'open source'?

Once Sun releases the code under the GPL, they lose control of it. Sure they can add stuff to the code repository but they cannot 'make' anyone use their patches.

BTW, I'm wary of any discussion on this list because of the possibility of having messages deleted or edited.


PS - As a matter of disclosure, I work for CollabNet who is hosting the OpenOffice project.

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