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Re: A quick & dirty draft

Author:Jonathan Shore
Posted:8/23/2000; 6:52:45 PM
Topic:Next survey: Are you an open source developer?
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I am the CTO and founder of an internet startup in Tokyo. As part of our business we develop software for devices / venues based on Linux. Due to the fact that we need to use and specialize an OS for a variety of exotic platforms, without the source for the OS our business would not have been viable.

Now here is the paradox - though I am happy to use open source and have released source code back in university days, I cannot afford to release our company source to the public as it would jeopardize our business.

We do plan to release the code or portions of the code once we've built our market or have components that would benefit others generally but not jeopardize our business. Making our software open source ultimately benefits both us and the community at large, but can also be dangerous for a young company in a competitive marketplace (depending on your business model).

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