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A quick & dirty draft

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:8/23/2000; 10:47:08 AM
Topic:Next survey: Are you an open source developer?
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Let's do this. Discuss the issues here without designing the survey. Leave that up to Eric and me. We'll do our best to ask a meaningful question without making it so complex that people get confused.

OK, Dave. I'm going to post some draft ideas to get people talking. This is totally provisional, so please make suggestions of your own. I'll post new drafts as needed.

Some Choices

These choices are still a little bit complex. How could we simplify them?

Yes, the last two choices do include a second question, one about politics. Dave, do you care about making this distinction?

If not, we can fold the last two choices into one.

What Do We Mean By "Open Source"?

We're using the standard definition. If you've ever released software in the public domain, or under the X, BSD, GPL, LGPL, MPL, or similar license, then you should answer yes.

If you prefer the term "free software" to "open source", please say yes anyway. And if you prefer to use a third term, that's OK, too.

One important caveat: If you own patents on your software, please answer no.

(If you've agreed--in writing--to some sort of mutual defense system, then your patents are OK, because you can only use them against people who sued you first.)


OK, Dave. This is just a draft. I want you tear it apart and make your own suggestions.

I'll listen to what everybody says, and write another draft.


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