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So What?

Author:Mark A. Hershberger
Posted:8/23/2000; 8:40:27 PM
Topic:Next survey: Are you an open source developer?
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I'm amazed at your volumnous capacity and tenacity on the subject of the GPL. I mean, not only on this discussion board, but all over the 'net. (If any one doubts this, just do a search. I get 700+ matches.)

Anyway, I do not see how I am obligated to allow you to make a living from my creativity. When I release code under the GPL, feel free to ignore it. If the FSF releases a C compiler, feel free to create your own as Sun, Microsoft, Metrowerks and others have done.

I am completely unsympathetic when you complain that you can no longer improve publicly availible software for your personal gain. This is usually a criticism hurled at GPLed software -- that it isn't innovative and they just copy what others have done. The accusation is largely (but not completely) true. It is obvious to me that GPLed isn't going to be a good starting point for your work anyway -- why try to build something profitable on something uncreative: you are much better off applying yourself to creating something original that people want to pay for rather than trying to build software that no one wants to buy.

Good luck and happy hacking.


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