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scriptingNews outline for 8/25/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/25/2000; 12:04:44 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 8/25/2000
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Another problem for Time-Warner 

DaveNet: Time-Warner steps in it, again.

DaveNet: CNN drops the link.

Ryan Tate has the story at Upside. Apparently other reporters are working on it too. The system is working!

CNN took the link down, at 3:15PM Pacific. Here's a screen shot, with the link and its value clearly visible.

And a screen shot of the full browser window so there can be no doubt which page the link was on.

Thanks to Ravi Nanavati for the pointers.

Today's Mind Bomb from MIT 

Tuneprint: "World domination through audio fingerprints."

Is it open source? 

DaveNet: Open source is bigger?

A story that raises an interesting question, perhaps.

In April 1997 I needed handle-based C code to do base64 encoding and decoding. I looked around the net and didn't find what I needed. So I created the code, using the stuff I found as a starting point. I tested it to be sure it interoperated with previous implementations.

Then I released the source code. No license agreement. Also no restrictions on what anyone could do with it. Now here's the question. Is this open source?

Survey: Open source or not?

HTML Directories 

A new Radio UserLand feature shipped Thursday night. HTML directories. This apparently small feature has the potential to route around centralized Web directories such as Yahoo and DMOZ.

It does this by decentralizing, giving the power to create and join directories to the people of the Internet.

Now the big question is, do they want this power? Evangelism will be a big part of this. Let the evangelism begin!

If you do a directory, as I have, send me a pointer and I'll see where I can link it in. There's a lot of room at the top level, and since I'm using an outliner, it's really easy to reorganize. ";->"

ZopeFish progress 

David Brown reports on progress in connecting Radio UserLand and Zope. He's bringing Zope culture into RU instead of trying to make Zope behave like Manila.

This is totally the right way to do it. I don't want to write for a narrow corner of Zope, I want its real personality to show up in my writing space.

Tom Kicks Butt 

Tom Fuerstner and Arne Graesser decided to connect the Palm Pilot to a Manila site.

Here's a message he posted from his Palm.

Most excellent!

Open source discussion continues 

Doc Searls explores open source with Craig Burton. As usual, he adds a few twists and delicious food for thought.

I had a long phone talk with Eric Kidd this morning. I thought I was ready to write my What Is Open Source? piece, but now I want to do some more thinking and talk with more people. There are some things I didn't consider well enough. It'll be worth the wait, imho.

Tim O'Reilly 

Thanks to Queso for the pointer to Tim O'Reilly's response to my note about their investment in Pyra.

Basically Tim posted a longish email he sent to me. Here was my response. My point of view hasn't shifted much in the last few days.

BTW, it's nice to see that O'Reilly is still using Manila. I'm sure it is the best software for what they do, and it's my business to make sure that it stays that way.

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