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Manila for Road-Warriors

Author:Tom Fuerstner
Posted:8/25/2000; 12:10:58 PM
Topic:Manila for Road-Warriors
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the day before yesterday i was very confused about Radio Userland, which i told dave via mail directly. dave replied giving me the advice to jump into the internet-rivers beyond the browsers. so i did. together with arne graesser we decided that we already wanted for a long time to connect our palms to our frontier powered CMS.

i started developing a small database that should run on the palm. every record of this database should contain exactely one story we intended to send via a wireless PPP-connection over GSM to one of our frontier-servers. the requested frontier-server should have the duty to parse the incoming request from the mobile palm and then embed the extracted information into a manila-RPC. the RPC should just create a new discussiongroup-message on our main-cms.

what shall we tell you . we succeeded within 48 hours. yes frontier is hot.

some pictures and links to enjoy:


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