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Re: What to do about RSS

Author:Chuck Shotton
Posted:9/2/2000; 1:29:35 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 9/2/2000
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Sigh. I missed the beginning of this discussion, but can only surmise by the context of this DaveNet piece that some anal retentive standards weenies are determined to drag another useful, simple, data standard kicking and screaming into the land of DTDs, working groups, W3C politics, and the realm of programmers with too much time on their hands and too little experience building real world software.

Assuming I guessed right, this seems to be par for the course. (BTW, a concise list of links to the pertinent elements of the earlier discussion would be great in helping everyone see the sequence of events.) Anyway, this same thing happened with SOAP. What started out as a conceptually wonderful draft in both its simplicity and ease of use has devolved into something barely usable by software engineers looking for a quick, simple way to glue two applications together.

Is there any real reason why application domain-specific programs have to wade into the morass of name spaces and overwrought specifications when something elegant and simple would suffice? RSS 0.91 does have a few shortcomings, but adding a few additional XML elements and associated semantics seems a lot simpler than starting essentially from scratch.

Sorry to come to the party late, but I brought a bottle of wine. Might as well open it now.


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