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Personality, Dave's

Author:Russell Lipton
Posted:9/3/2000; 10:45:33 AM
Topic:Personality, Dave's
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Corporatism scrubs out personality.

The early Web had personality and the so-called big boys (they aren't, you know) have long since jumped in and are hard at work scrubbing out every last bit of personality they can (out, out damned spot!) from the Internet.

And it's going to work, but not totally, because there are too many Web(s) for them to scrub and the spots are ..... everywhere.

Dave is spot-on that personality (in this case, his) deserves comment from time to time. Why not? Last I looked, we all still have one and it is integral to everything we are/create. The bland faces of most commentators (including those who are Web-centric) is a tipoff to unreality in them and (somewhere, by definition) in their products.

I have already agreed (intensely) and disagreed (intensely) with Dave hundreds of times in the few months I've been following and digging Frontier/Scripting News.


In three, non-flattering, simple, descriptive words --

Dave is real.

There is nothing magic that is going to ensure that the Web stays real, or at least, the frontier portions of it. All we can do (or need to do) is stay real ourselves.

Thanks to tools like the ones Dave has a passion for, we have a shot at finding and enjoying our lives with other real people. Those of us who have lived long enough have learned to treasure that.

Frontier/Manila/Radio Userland may not look like much in the face of corporate giantism, but David didn't look like much to Goliath, as I recall .....

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