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Re: Scour to close?

Author:David Valentine
Posted:9/4/2000; 9:03:52 AM
Topic:Scour to close?
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Scour is not really napster. Scour can claim they are just a search engine, and drop the peer to peer capabilities.

I've just discovered echo ( Whereas I see radiouserland and others are my personal jukebox, I see echo as my personal radio station.

I have my personal collection of music, it's just like a 200 cd changer on steriods. I hit the play button, and the music in the jukebox plays.

But echo is the personal radio station. You have an idea what will be on a radio station when you tune it, but you will hopefully hear new stuff you like. You can create your own radio station. I've got a couple, one rock, one mellow. Really like the mellow one I setup. More variety to my taste, much like a few of the college radio programs, but this one is whenever I want it.

The song catagories look like: echo suggests, heavy rotation (you say you like it), related to highly rated music, and random. If you don't like a song, and you are the only registered listener, then you can hit the skip button, and don't forget to drop the rating.

You can listen to others radio stations, but you may not have full control.

Interface is flash-based, with real player streaming. The echo crowd is going to have a database that companies will drool over. Ratings of songs, artists and albums.

What we really need, a mix of personal jukebox, search engine and random music. If you like an artist there really is not a way to just say let me hear more, it really is a radio station. And I'd really like to be able to donwload a radio station to a digital music player, and mark artists I want to hear more from.

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