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Re: Need more major league assholes in the press

Author:Micah Alpern
Posted:9/6/2000; 2:32:51 PM
Topic:Re: Need more major league assholes in the press
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>> We need more major league assholes in the press. Too >> much footsy being played, and too many spoiled brats who >> think that any criticism is too much, not just in political >> reporting, in all reporting.

Last night I watched the rebroadcast of the hour long interview with Mike Wallace of 60 minutes with Mao Tse Tong, the Leader of the Communist party in China. Wallace didn't pull any punches and asked hard, bighting questions about human rights, free press, and free speech. It was amazing to watch. In a country where the press are legally not allowed to challege the wisdom and decisions of the Party, to see Mao Tse Tong forced to offer justifications and explanations for his parties actions. All I can hope is that it was an interesting enough experience for him to consider the merits of a free'er system.

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