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Editing? It's about accountability!

Author:Kelly Thomas
Posted:9/12/2000; 12:04:40 PM
Topic:Discuss by email?
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If everyone has the right to go back and change their comments where is accountability? What about liable? Should anyone have the right to do an "about face" and then erase all previous comments? Is it ok to rewrite history to suit our needs? To make it appear that we were on the train in the first place? (no!) How can I be held accountable for what I say if no other record of it is allowed and I can go back and edit it at my discretion? Is that the kind of control the Internet is about? If it is, then I don't want to play anymore.

For the record, I feel Dave is honest and has not practiced history tampering and he does not specifically refer to it but the power and desire for that kind of control come across to me as I read his previous posts. (I would point to a specific comment but it could be changed so what's the point. ;-)

And what about liable? (You ever been sued for this Dave?) Could someone making changes be accused of evidence tampering? It might look bad to a judge.

If we are talking face to face and you say it, you can't take it back. Those words are in my head and you can't get them back. You can apologize or change yout mind. But you can't erase what was said. Why should a written discussion group be any different? It is a public forum. The messages have time and dates stamped on them. They have been recorded for future readers.

Bush called someone a "major league a------" in a public forum I'll bet he'd like to take THAT one back. Does he get to take it back? No, he was in public and it was his mistake that he was not aware that he was in public.

Editing needs to be done before a public release of ANYTHING, just as you think about what you say before you say it. Otherwise creditability and accountability are lost for everyone. Nothing would mean anything because it will be changed later to fit the current situation.

Dave, I sure hope you can change your mind on this.

Daily Egyptian
SIU School of Journalism

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