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It's about editing

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/12/2000; 7:33:10 AM
Topic:Discuss by email?
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Please explain 'why you don't want emails out of this DG'

Thanks for asking.

It's pretty simple.

When I post a message here I almost always edit it.

When I write a message I sometimes make spelling errors, or use a harsh word when a softer one would be more effective.

A "bot" that's monitoring changes here might catch an unedited message and broadcast it.

That would change the way I write here. I like the way it's going, and I don't want to add a feature that could change that.

Further, people have been posting my comments here on other mail lists. I find that offensive. The comments lack context. What I write on this DG is not for posting elsewhere.

Having a bot sampling would inevitably mean some unedited words of mine will end up given far more importance than they're due.

I have a scale of editing. DaveNets are the most heavily edited, and are the most on-the-record writing I do. (Actually DaveNets that are destined for print are the most on-the-record writing that I do.)

Scripting News is the next level up, but only at 10PM. Up until then I edit and change and rewrite and delete, frequently. I don't think it's fair to cite Scripting News until 10PM, but most people don't know that, so I edit more carefully there.

Here, I try not to edit too much. I will say things here that are not edited at all. But most of the time I do edit.

So anyway, that's a long-winded answer. The simple answer is that I like the way this DG is going, and I don't want it to change.

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