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Re: Music and software - not the same

Author:Russell Lipton
Posted:9/12/2000; 12:23:18 PM
Topic:Music and software
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Rock and roll? That is a new one on me, though it doubtless played a role. It's scarcely profound to argue that software also played a huge role with respect to publishing and all forms of software-enabled communications, networking (dissidents), etc.

Anyway, music and software are certainly not identical (as you point out so astutely in your post). Music is indeed embodied in a way that software is not.

I believe, however, that (bad) music can be churned out not all-that-much differently than (bad) software and that the creative analogies remain remarkably tight - not complete, but remarkably tight.

Whether there is/will be such a thing as a hypertextual music, as it were, is entirely unknown. But why shouldn't music, images, texts and software, including links, interweave - with music the "driver" (that is, so it is recognizably a musical rather than, say, a graphical, creation)?

I am asking that sincerely. Haven't we barely begun to consider how music affects the Web ... and vice versa?

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