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Re: snowballs (Anti-Microsoft sentiment)

Author:David McCusker
Posted:9/20/2000; 1:17:19 PM
Topic:Debunking the OSS Bazaar?
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In$21547, I finally posted a capsule summary of my flame avoidance techniques.

Josh Allen: I personally feel that the flow of power caused by IP is different enough from the flow of capital that the rules we have built up for dealing with capital flow will not be sufficient.

Yes, our nascent conventions for IP control are broken, unlike our conventions for capital control which work reasonably well. (I'm trying to agree by stating my opinion in a form which tries to mirror yours as if paraphrasing, except I'm stating my opinion and not yours.)

Josh Allen: [to Dave Rogers] You may think that there is nothing to worry about, and that is your right. However, I think it is an issue that needs to be taken seriously (and if you track the thread back, I seem to be the only person so far to have suggested any sort of constructive solutions to the changing nature of power flow).

In this anti-Microsoft sentiment thread, I have been focusing on the nature of the sentiment, and not on ways to fix the power management system. I'd feel more free to do so in a separate thread less overtly about Microsoft. That way there'd be less chance my remarks might be confused with an opinion about Microsoft.

Josh Allen: If you think it's not a new and important problem, then fine. If you think it is, then for God's sake, talk about the problem. And please stop leaning on your age for credibility.

If we start a thread to talk about power per se, it seems like it would draw the usual kinds of total random nonsense folks like to throw in when discussing politics. How do we constrain the topic so it stays relevant to computer industry infrastructure?

Yeah, the comment about age was a shot across the bow likely intending to annoy. This is one potential exception in when it's okay to refer to other folks, that I didn't mention in that other capsule thread. When folks get unhappy, it makes sense to express a modicum of unhappiness by discussing other folks, but with a light touch so as to avoid declaring war.

Part of age related references involve some inter generational teasing that intends to remove walls preventing communication. Older folks commonly object to the way younger folks are willing to be callous or cruel when following rules strictly. This might be relevant in this case.

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