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Re: snowballs (Anti-Microsoft sentiment)

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/20/2000; 1:58:08 PM
Topic:Debunking the OSS Bazaar?
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You'll have to take me at my word on this, when I was a much younger man I was probably more cynical and arrogant than you are. I'm happy to report that now I'm merely arrogant. That's progress, no?

That's so off the wall. As one of the elders here on this DG, I've been tempted at times to say what you say, and may have even succumbed to the temptation. You don't know that he has the same limits or experience that you do. If you're so wise, it seems you should know that. We do not all follow the same path through life. To invalidate someone's pov because of their age is guaranteed to get you flamed, with some justification. You render him powerless. He can't instantly be your age, whatever that may be.

Read McCusker's excellent piece on flame avoidance posted today. I realize I'm tempting you to flame me, but better that than have this thread go on without any intervention.

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